Lanes west of Coventry (For a Change!) – 15th August

A horse with an unfeasibly long neck

Yep, I headed west for once. The weather forecast was for heavy rain to spread in from the West, and that the wind would be quite strong and be coming from that direction.

So the plan was to head out that way, have a headwind, but on the way back when I’d be tired I’d have the wind behind me.

The band of rain was forecast to be quite strong and as soon as I set out I kept getting the odd rain shower. The problem was the wind… it didn’t seem to know what direction it was supposed to be coming from. It was almost as if the air was swirling about panicing, shouting “There’s a storm a coming!”

So the head West idea went out the window as it didn’t matter what direction I went I got a headwind! So a loop from NW to SW Coventry evolved.

Back home, showered, just in time to see proper rain hitting the window…. result!

Ride – #137     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 33.2     Total 2012 miles – 2934.7

Strava –


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