Wet Lanes North of Coventry – 17th August

Ripples and reflections

Well the plan was originally to do some local off road riding with Mr Lump, but he ended up having some work on so had to pull out. Then it was to do a big ride, but the weather obviously hadn’t seen the forecast (which was just cloudy) and the day started wet. Several jobs were done ’round the house’, change the granny ring on the Muk from a 24T to a 22T (ahead of the Rhayader trip) and then a trip to Albany Cycles to get a replacement spoke for the Genesis DayOne rear wheel (which I need to ride again), and  some new gloves as my Endura MT500 ones had fallen to bits on the RLSCC Llandegla ride.

When I got back I walked into the living room/bike storage facility, and there was a faint hiss, I couldn’t work out where it was coming from at first, but it got louder and I tracked it down to the front wheel of the Trek. Now that bike has stood in the house since the Llandegla trip, so why now does it suddenly deflate? I took the bike into the dining room/bike workshop, removed the tube and worked out where on the wheel the puncture was. On the inside about 4″ from the valve. Tyre off, have a look…. nothing….. rim tape looks fine….. weird! With no spare rim tape I triple taped it with electrical tape and put a new tube in….

I could delay it no longer so headed out, convincing myself that the grey skys would clear and all would be good… And anyway, I really should “Man T. F. Up” a bit, with only 29 days to go till the big one I really should get used to riding in the damp stuff!

I managed about 3 miles before it started raining… well I say rain, what I really mean is drizzle, being blown about all over the place by the wind! Followed by rain, once again hitting me at all angles!

Now if it was winter, it would have been horrible, but as the ambient temperature was up around the 17degC mark it wasn’t that bad! Fingers crossed on Saturday 15th September it’ll be as mild!

Oh, and when I got back the front tyre of the Trek was still up….. but when I got home from work at around midnight it wasn’t…..

Ride – #138     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 19.5     Total 2012 miles – 2954.2

Strava – http://app.strava.com/rides/18801510


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