What a difference an hour makes – 29th August

The statue at the Fillongley crossroads

All day it had been really bad weather, windy with heavy rain, but the weather forecast was for it to stop at 4pm. After work I popped in to see my parents. The rain stopped, but the forecasters got it wrong, it was 4:05! By 5:05 the sky was mostly blue and the roads were dry!

After doing the usual mundane jobs at home I headed out into the early evening sunshine and made the route up as I went. My elbow, now without bandages to support it, felt a bit strange. Almost like I’d got a tennis ball fixed to it, that wobbled about when I hit any bumps or put holes. I tried doubling up the tubegauze thing I’d put on to stop the sticky iodine patch coming off, but that didn’t really help.

When I got to Maxstoke Hill there was a bloke in front of me, probably about 50m away, he seemed to have come down the hill, got to the bottom and turned round. I tried to catch him, but could just about keep the gap the same. He turned round at the top and headed back down… hill repetitions, a tough way to train!

A blast back into the city as the light faded, very aware that under  the trees it was beginning to get quite dark. With only a rear light I headed back the lightest most direct route…. I think I’d better dig out that front light I’ve got somewhere in the garage!

Ride – #142     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 22.3     Total 2012 miles – 3038.2

Strava – http://app.strava.com/rides/20183383


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