Beach Riding with Northern Rob – 31st August

With low tide being not until 4:15pm it meant a leisurely drive over to Barmouth. Parking up on the sea front it was just gone 1, get kitted up, the bikes sorted and ride over to the public toilets…. with the usual enquiring questions about ‘those big tyres’. One fattie draws a couple of people, two together and we had a crowd of people looking at our ‘weird’ bikes.

We headed off onto the beach and turned North, straight into a headwind! To say it was hard work is probably an understatement, I think Rob, who’d never ventured onto a beach before had a bit of a shock. I wasn’t sure if part of the problem was that we had both got pretty aggressive tyres fitted.

The tide was way further out than when I’d been here before, and we’d still got about two and a half hours till low tide. Rounding the section at Llanaber where I’d ended up almost up to my waist last time was easy as there was a 50m wide beach! Further on we got to Afon Ysgethin, where I’d had to head up into Tal-Y-Bont as the river was so deep. This time it barely covered the tyres!

Heading further north we dropped into the dunes, through the campsite and back out onto the rocky section of beach around the headland. A steady crawl through the rocks got us to the Estuary of Afon Cwmnantcol. Even this looked rideable, but the occasional hint of rain and the mountains in the distance rapidly disappearing into the clouds meant we decided to head South, back towards Barmouth, but via the sand dunes.

With the prevailing wind usually coming from the West we rapidly found out that the Eastern side of the dunes were like fesh fesh, a real fine powdery dust that even the wide tyres couldn’t cope with. A lot of looning about in the dunes followed!

Heading back to Barmouth on the beach, thoughts turned to who could do the best skid, and turn the tightest circle….. we are grown men…. honest!

Soon we were back at Barmouth, when we were approached by a bloke who turned out to be Callum Swift, one of the fat bike owners on the UK Fat bikes forum! Small world!

Back to Rob’s van, and load the bikes, just in time to see rain drops on the windscreen. Result! Then off to Machynlleth to await the arrival of the rest of the GT crowd…..

Ride – #143     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 22.1     Total 2012 miles – 3060.3

Strava –


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