New Boots and Panties (Well, helmet) – 5th September

I was sitting watching TV when a mountain biking midget walked into the room….

Continuing the music theme, this post is named after Ian Dury’s 1977 album, which I bought on it’s release. The look on my parents faces when the track ‘Plaistow Particia’ came on lives with me to this day….

Having got the bike pretty much set up ready for Kielder, I thought I’d better turn my attention to the kit I’ll be wearing. I’ve got some new winter boots and a lid to replace the one trashed in Wales, so I went out for a quick spin to get used to them.

I’d also changed the bar ends to the Ergon GR2 ones I won at 24hours of Exposure for the least amount of laps completed, but as they’re a direct replacement of the old ones I had on setting them up was done at home.

Kev R of Godiva Trailriders can’t make the his entry to the 100K (62ish miles) route on the Shakespeare 100, so I’ve blagged it. I was going to use the road bike, but decided while out that I’ll use the ride as a big tester for the bike and kit ready for Kielder. The only thing I’m going to change will be the tyres. I’ll put some Kenda Small Block 8s on. They roll a bit easier, and it’ll save wearing out the Panaracer Fire XC Pro’s that I like to race with.

So, the ride, fluffy clouds and blus skies…. nice!

Ride – #147     Bike – ’12 Trek Superfly Al Elite

Miles – 21.3     Total 2012 miles – 3185.6

Strava –


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