Pre Kielder 100 – 14th September

So here I am on the eve of the toughest event I’ve ever done….. to say I’m a bit apprehensive is an massive understatement. Last year was hell on earth, ten and a half hours of mud, cold rain and pain, finished off with a missed time cut off at 78 miles. I still don’t know if I was gutted or relieved when the woman at timing control said “You’re out, you missed the control time” I said to Bruce at the time, (another GTer who dropped out at 78 miles) that if he saw me on the start line of this in 2012 he’d got my permission to punch me in the face and break both my legs… I just hope he’s forgotten!

And so to this year, fingers crossed the weather will be a bit kinder, I know it’s going to hurt, it’s just for how long. Hopefully I can make the time cut offs this year and finish…… just need to remember to keep eating and drinking!

Right, I’m off to finish packing and check my kit for about ther 10th time………..


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