Lanes and Hills – 25th September

Picture stolen from the Genesis Bikes website – click on the picture to go there

The plan was to head out and meet Rob at his work, but with the weather being ‘changeable’ the whole thing could easily have been binned.

As it turned out it was an excellent spin out, once I’d got my head round the Airlite having flat tyres from last nights ride and me having to use the Genesis…. all well and good, but the seatpost is a bit too low (for offroad riding) and has corroded in. The headset is notchy and needs changing (yes I have a new set, but have been lazy) and the tyre pressures are a bit low (once again for offroad) but I didn’t notice till I was out riding it.

With Rob on his Genesis Croix De Fer it ended up as two Genesis bikes riding in formation!

Not a good start, but the ride itself was fine, and the rain held off. One thing I did notice is how much less ‘buzzy’ the steel framed Genesis compared to the Aluminium Airlite. I’d heard there was a difference, but having ridden the Airlite last night on the same roads it was very noticeable.

No actual ride picture, as I didn’t really stop…. Rob did, at the top of some of the hills to let me catch up!

Ride – #157     Bike – Genesis DayOne Alfine8

Miles – 40.7     Total 2012 miles – 3561.2

Strava –


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