We 3 Fat – Saturday Moors Ride – 6th September

Gil’s bike on the “Blue Man i’ th’ Moss” trail (spot the snake)

At about the appointed time of 10:30 (Fat gatherings are quite chilled out events it seems) we headed out into Goathland village. Several blokes on enduro motorcycles had stopped by the village green and looked shocked when twelve bikes with tyres pretty much the same size tyres as theirs rolled by!

We passed the Mallyan Sprout Hotel (Yep, weird name, after a waterfall that’s behind the pub), then turned off road and headed round the west side of Two Howes Rigg on a rocky moorland trail. Soon we descended onto tarmac, for a short climb, before heading off road again. The trail snaked over the moors heading for the distant tree line of Cropton Forest. A slow descent followed by some boggy march crossings and we were soon in the forest.

A stop to regroup then we were fire road bashing for several miles, giving everyone a chance to ride in twos and threes and chat…….

Bloody hell…. do you realise how boring typing this is…..erm, right, a consise ride description.

After a group decision to stop for a drink, a really nice gradual woodland descent… really nice! Bit of road, then a stop at the cafe at Forest Holidays Kieldy Bridge. Bit of fire road, past an old shack that we stopped to look at…. and had hints that someone was using it. A long farm track climb up Harmer Moor, to a rest stop at the road.

A couple of hundred yards up the road we turned off and rode across Black Moor Rigg and Wheeldale Moor on the “Blue Man i’ th’ Moss” trail. This is a super technical trail of soft peat and rocks that really does demand 100% concentration! Eventually we got to a road, and regrouped. Now a decent into Wheeldale Beck, that started quite steady and got steeper and steeper. I managed to ride all the way down, but on the steepest parts I was that far off the back of the bike the saddle was in my chest and my arse was rubbing the back tyre!

As soon as we got to the stepping stones across the Beck both me and Rob recognised it. A photo of it is used in the Genesis bikes catalogue and weirdly I’d chosen to use the same photo on this blog on 25th September!

Click here to see the blog entry -> https://floydrides.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/lanes-and-hills-25th-september/

It was even more of a coincidence when Gil confirmed the photo was taken at the Beck and pointed out that he was one of the riders! (Second from the front, brown bike) 

A short climb onto the road and we were now descending into Goathland, and a swift post ride pint at the Mallyan Sprout Hotel. How annoyed must the owner of this place be? Only two pubs in the village and the producers of Heartbeat decided to use the other one! Anyway, pretty soon the midges had spotted us, and decided it was time for dinner. So a quick blast through the village and we were back at the bunkhouse.

Ride – #164     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 27.0    Total 2012 miles – 3702.4


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