Greenie Takes a Dive – 15th October

Pav sorts his bike while Greenie tries to work out which way is up!

The usual 7pm start from the Cocked Hat, with the plan being to do a 2 hour ride and then into the pub for some food.

The trails were very wet and muddy, but with the weather we’d had it was hardly unexpected. As we headed into the fast Coombe Abbey loop the race mentality got the better of Pav and Greenie, and off they went…. then bang! All I saw up ahead was a bike cartwheeling and Pav desperately trying to stop!

Turns out Greenie had lost sight of the trail due to the amount of leaves on the ground, gone the wrong side of a tree, hit a tree stump and gone over the bars….hard! Now Greenie has got a bit of a reputation as a gob on legs (Sorry mate, but I’m sure you’ll agree), but for about 30 seconds he hardly said a word as he tried to work out which way was up, and which was down!

Somehow, he didn’t break anything, either on himself or on the bike! Had he have hit the second tree stump that he missed by inches on landing, things could have been very different. After a good 10 minute break we carried on, Greenie slightly more subdued than before.

Two mechanicals, loose chain ring bolts and a snapped chain followed, but soon we were back at the pub. I fancied a quick blast round Brandon to finish off the ride. Greenie understandably retired to the pub while we headed off for a final 30 minute blast. All was going well till we crossed the main fire road that splits the woods in two, only to find that this part was being forested and all the trails had been trashed. Won’t be riding that side for a good few months. The rest of the woods are fine and a final lap of Piles Coppice finished the night off a treat.

Ride – #172     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 19.4     Total 2012 miles – 3858.3

Strava –


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