Lanes in the Rain – 28th October

5:30pm and it’s dark….. welcome back to GMT

The day was forecast to start wet but gradually inmprove, and with it started grey, by dinnertime the sun was trying to burst through. So the plan to get all the stuff that needed doing round the house done before I went out seemed like a good one. At 2:30 I was in the garden when I felt the first spot of rain on my baldy head…. ahhhh. Maybe it’s just a rogue cloud….

If it was, it was soon joined by lots of other rogue clouds, and before long it was properly raining, and looked like it was set for the rest of the day. Half of me couldn’t be bothered to head out in the rain, the other half got my waterproofs ready.

With no idea where to go, I did the head out into the wind, and hopefully get blown home trick so found myself heading out through Kenilworth. As I headed out of Kenilworth on Rouncil Lane another cyclist came the opposite direction, turned out to be Bruce of Godiva Trailriders out on his new fixed wheel bike. We stopped and chatted for a bit and I admired his Cinelli Bootleg – Mystic Rat bike

Click on this for more info on his bike >

I then headed off to Warwick, and back past the Chesford Grange, the rain never getting heavy but always there. It was only 5pm, but the light was fading fast. The combination of the first evening back on GMT and a dark grey sky meant the difference from Saturday night was very obvious.

As I rode back into the city it was ‘proper dark’, and the street lights refelected off the wet roads.  2 hours on the bike, in the rain, it was really enjoyable…. I’m glad one half of me made the effort!

Ride – #179     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 29.1  Total 2012 miles – 3978.7

Strava –


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