Another Fifteen Before Breakfast – 2nd November

In another moment of madness I’d decided to get up early and do my 15 mile loop before breakfast again. The forecast was sun and today it didn’t disappoint. The simple theory of getting up at 7am and getting out on the bike works, unfortunately it doesn’t factor in central heating. So even though I’d dragged myself out of bed, the leaving a warm house bit was hard, especially as looking out of the kitchen window at the thermometer on the garden fence showed it was no more than about 4 deg C outside.

I eventually convinced myself that the big advantage of leaving a warm house to ride for an hour in the cold was when I got back it’d feel really nice and warm.

I eventually headed off at 07:45 with the new rear brake pads rubbing on the rim, as the adjusting screw is broken. They pretty soon wore down 🙂

I’m glad I made the effort as the early morning sun made the golden Autumn leaves even more golden. The initial plan, to sprint round the loop went out the window as I slowed to admire the golden colour of the trees against a blue sky background, even the hedgerows had a fantastic golden glow. Stunning!

One thing I noticed now I’ve got the new rear pads fitted is how bad the front are! The brakes have been terrible since I got the bike, and I just presumed that was how road bike brakes were…. but no, I think the old brake pads must have gone hard, time to invest in a new pair for the front!

I’ve just been informed I missed ride number 176. I’m not going to go back and correct things, so there’ll be two ride number 182s to compensate.

Ride – #182 🙂   Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 15.4     Total 2012 miles – 4078.7  (921.3 to hit 5000)

Strava –


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