Mud On Road – 1st November

Always check you bike carefully prior to riding….. Oops!

The weather forecast for Thursday morning when I looked on Wednesday evening was sunny with a slight breeze from the Southwest. What I woke up to was greyness, with a hint of drizzle and not a great deal of breeze….and looking at the forecast it was set to hang around all morning…. Mmmm, not exactly the weather to inspire. I’d intened to do a nice big 4 hour “out and back” heading Southwest in late Autumn sunshine on the DayOne, but that idea got binned. I sat, looking out the window for ages hoping the clouds would break and the sun would burst through…. but no.

So on went the waterproofs and out I went, with no idea of a route. I ended up doing lots of single track lanes around Botts Green and Shawbury, the heavy rain of the previous day/night causing some of the lanes to be more like mud tracks than tarmac! It’s the first time I’ve had to jet wash the mud off the road bike when I’ve got home!

I had a slight issue with the rear brake while I was out…. it turned out one of the pads had worn back to the metal and the other side wasn’t much better….Oops!

Ride – #182     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 33.1     Total 2012 miles – 4063.3  (936.7 to hit 5000)

Strava –


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