Dodging Rockets and Ice – 6th October

Another early one, woke up 7am, sun streaming through the curtains…. 20 minutes later I’m heading out of the door for a blast round my new fifteen and a half mile route. Well, it was a blast for the first 13.5 miles. The last two were a crawl in traffic as parents took their disabled children to school. Surely they must be disabled, they’re obviously unable to walk!

The difference in traffic volume at 8.15am compared to the school holiday week was unbelieveable!

As it was the morning after bonfire night the local roads were littered with burnt out rockets, and the clear sky meant patches of white frost were randomly scattered around. One thing that was very noticable was the smell… or lack of one. I always remember walking to school on November the 6th and there being that ‘firework’ smell, but not today. Maybe the lack of cloud cover had allowed the smell to dissipate.

Ride – #184     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 15.5     Total 2012 miles – 4113.5   (886.5 to hit 5000)

Strava –


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