Southport Night Ride – 10th October

Heading long the North Wales coast I seemed to be just on the edge of the rain showers that had hit Snowdon just as I got to Pete’s Eats. The tide was out and the beaches, that I’d never really paid any attention to, looked really inviting. But looking in the rear view mirror I could see the storm clouds behind me, and even though I was travelling at 60-70mph I didn’t seem to be leavng them behind.

Getting into Southport I found the B&B and sorted my kit out in the room. Andy, who was going to take me out for a night dunes spin contacted me to confirm that it was still on (he’d had some problems earlier in the day and might have had to pull out) He’d be at the B&B at 6, that gave me about an hour to chill out. I looked out of the window and the rain was falling… the storm clouds had caught me up. I decided to look at my Snowdon photos…. but nothing, the camera was dead. I tried everything. It wouldn’t switch on, charge up, even the B&B owners laptop couldn’t see it when I plugged it in…. a couple of really good rides coming up with great photo opportunities and I’d got a camera that’s not playing the game.

Andy turned up at 6 and we headed off out of Southport along Marine Drive. Soon we turned into the coastal sand dunes to the South. The rain gradually stopped as we headed further towards Formby. After several miles we turned into the Northern end of the Ainsdale Hills. A good lap of the woods and we retraced our path back towards Southport. Just before we got back into town Andy turned off and headed home.

I spent the next half an hour riding round the pier, frustrated as there were some great photo opportunities, but the camera in my phone wasn’t good enough to take decent night shots.

Ride – #189     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk 3

Miles – 16.7     Total 2012 miles – 4193.6   (806.4 to hit 5000)

Strava –


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