Great Orme and Llandudno – 17th October

I headed out to ride to the end of the pier, round the Great Orme, along the Western beach, cut through town and back up the promenade on the Eastern side of town . Then to finish up to the top of the Great Orme. I really should have at least looked at a map…. oh well!

To start with, as it was a nice day, the pier was packed so I made the decision to skip at at the start and maybe do it later. Then heading up Marine Drive (the road around the Great Orme) I came to the toll booth… £2.50 for cars, I had no idea how much for bikes, but as I had no money with me I had a horrible feeling the ride would end before it had begun! But it turned out that bikes are free.

I headed off and rounded the first rocky corner, the road climbed and then went round another corner. Now it dropped, but I could see that this big rock sticking out into the see was bigger than I expected! Turns out it’s over 4 miles to drive around.

I got to a junction with a sign saying the zig zag climb to my left went to the summit…. I’ll go up now I thought. My god, what a climb to the Trig point at 679ft, but what views! For the first section, rather than head back down the road I used some of the grassy paths that drop down from the summit. Soon I was back at the Zig Zags, and being held up by a camper van. I could get round the tight corners far faster than him, but he had no interntion of letting me past.

Back on Marine Drive, I carried on round passing the old lighthouse that must now be one of the quirkiest B&Bs in the country. Sitting on the cliffs 325ft above the sea. The road levelled out for a short section before desending about 400ft down to sea level.

I rode up the Western beach unsure quite how far I should go to allow me to cut across town. Soon I was away from houses and flanked by the sea on one side and dunes on the other (I really should have checked a map before I started). In the end I turned round and headed for civilisation, and found the way across town.

Now I had the 2 mile ride around the bay, from The Little Orme round to the pier… into a headwind pretty much all the way! But the slog was worth it as when I reached the pier it was almost empty, and OK to ride to THE END

Ride – #193     Bike – Trek Superfly Al Elite

Miles – 14.3     Total 2012 miles – 4283.3   (716.7 to hit 5000)



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