Global Fat Bike Ride – 1st December

Follow the Dog

Follow the Dog

So “Global Fat Bike Ride”, what’s that then? I hear you ask…

Well, the Fat Bike community is pretty small and spread all over the world. I’ve met up face to face with some other owners, and like at the recent ‘Fat Gathering’ we went off and rode the bikes together…. very nice. But some UK based people couldn’t make it, and of course those further abroad couldn’t either. It’s a big problem, now with the internet I know people all over the world, but will never have the chance to get out and ride our bikes together……

So some imaginative person came up with the idea of the “Global Fat Bike Ride” where everyone goes out and rides their bike on a set day, takes a photo and posts it up on the internet in a single place.

The photos are here (click on the text) ->

There are 5 pages of photos. When you get to the bottom you’ll see the page numbers at the bottom right. The pages may take a while to load as there’s a lot of pictures!

Anyway, I met up with Rob and his dog Milly at Cannock Chase…

Ride – #200     Bike – ’12 Salsa Mukluk

Miles – 33.0     Total 2012 miles – 4478.1   (521.9 to hit 5000)



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