Mile Munching – 13th December


The unstoppable march of time pulls me towards the end of the year, and I’m very aware that I need to keep racking up the miles otherwise the 5000 mile goal will be missed and all the hard slogged miles just to get there will be wasted. Not all the miles obviously, there have been a lot of rides that have been fantastic, but some of the more recent ones have been all about mileage. It’s not a bad thing, as it’s got me out and got the legs spinning, otherwise I’d have been sitting in a warm house looking out the window and watching rubbish on the TV.

So, now less than 300 to go, sounds good, but I can’t take my eye off the ball. 300 miles in 18 days is just under 17 miles per day, every day……  It’s the ‘every day’ bit that plays on my mind, miss one and the daily amount needed increases….

I find myself looking forward a few days and trying to plan where I can squeeze in a 17 mile ride, and if possible a bit more, just to get the daily amount down….. I think I’m becoming a bit obsessed with it.

I’m looking forward to New Years Day, and fingers crossed, looking back at 2012 and being able to say “5000 miles, did it”, but there’s also the worry that the mileage counter will have just reset and the daily mileage needed for 6000 miles will be 16.4……

Motherwell  – 297.2 miles to Coventry

Ride – #210     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 34.2     Total 2012 miles – 4702.8

Strava –


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