Use It Or Lose It – 17th December


An early finish at work to use holiday (use it or lose it) and the plan was to get a few hours on the bike. The weather had been sunny most of the day, but as I left the house I had a feeling of  “can’t be arsed” Heading North out of the city is up hill, the sun had gone behind a blanket of grey cloud and the breeze seemed to be slowing me down even though it was from the side. A mini battle then raged in my head for a good few miles, but I pushed on, and eventually the low mood lifted, the cloud broke, but the breeze continued.

Kirkpatrick Fleming  – 227.0 miles to Coventry, 3.5 miles to England

Ride – #212     Bike – Raleigh Airlite 100

Miles – 46.5     Total 2012 miles – 4773.0


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