So that was 2012……

So that was 2012, 5035 miles in the end. I was thinking of trying to beat my 2010 total of 5054 miles, it would have needed a New Years Eve ride of 19+ miles, but the weather was horrible so I really couldn’t be bothered! So it turned out to be my third highest annual mileage (In 2011 I did 5190).

It was an ‘interesting’ experience trying to take a photo on every ride, and write something about it. As you could probably tell, towards the end of the year I was struggling with both on occasions.

I’m glad I did it, but have decided not to carry on with it. That’s not to say I’m going to ditch the blog, far from it. The idea for 2013 is to continue, but not every ride, just “as and when”. Normal rides probably won’t warrant a post unless there’s a nice photo (need to source a decent ‘rugged’ camera ASAP) but events, races, trips away and big weekenders will probably get a mention. Also I’m not limiting it to just one photo as there were several rides last year where I really struggled to decide which photo to use, and I ended up having to bin a really nice shot.

I have to admit that 2012 made me appreciate road riding….. shock horror! Mountain biking is still my passion, but when the local trails get wet and messy it’s just as enjoyable going out on the road. As much as I enjoy riding off road, spending longer cleaning bike and kit than riding, when it’s just local stuff seems like a bad use of time.

Another thing I discovered in 2012 was Fat biking. A bike purchased on the spur of the moment was a complete revelation…. beach and dune riding is fantastic, just a shame I live about as far away from the coast as you can get in the UK! I’m looking forward to riding it in snow too…. ah, yes, we don’t get a lot of that in the Midlands either! Strange then, that if I had to sell all the bikes bar one, the Salsa Mukluk ‘Fat Bike’ would be the one I kept!

So onto 2013, there’ll be the usual mix of events and races (with a few road based ones too). The Raleigh Airlite is being sold, the tyres and mudguards being transferred to the Genesis DayOne, and this will become my local road ride bike. The Lancashire road ride on December 29th made me really appreciate what a difference a steel framed bike makes. So the Raleigh is off to Bulkington with Rob, to be used on his turbo trainer…..

And a new road bike is on order. 🙂

Happy New Year!……


One thought on “So that was 2012……

  1. Well done on the hitting the 5000 and another epic year of riding. Glad I can finally class you as a cyclist and not just a grump old mountain biker 😉

    Here’s to some epic rides in 2013!!

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