A week into 2013 – 7th January

A misty morning in Hope valley, looking South from Hope Brink - You wouldn't get up here on a road bike!

A misty morning in Hope valley, looking South from Hope Brink – You wouldn’t get up here on a road bike!

A week in and I’ve already ridden in the Peak District, and given the amount of rain we’ve had it was suprisingly lacking in total mudbaths. We encountered only one real bad section and that was our own fault. As due to some poor navigation and a wrong turning we found ourselves trying to get back on our route by riding a ‘cheeky’ footpath…. only it ended up as a 1/4 mile push in mud that was getting up to ankle height!

The old Raleigh Airlite has gone…. been sold to Rob for use on his turbo trainer. I really enjoyed riding the Genesis DayOne up North between Christmas and New Year, so have put the road tyres and mudguards on that. It will now become the winter road bike. With the rack and rear bag fitted I can also use it occasionally instead of the car.

I’ve also ordered a new bike….. but as I’ve just sold one, this will be it’s ‘replacement’ 🙂  I’d promised myself I’d reward myself if I hit the 5000 mile target for 2012, and so managed 5000+ for four consecutive years.

Suprise, suprise, it’s a road bike… No I haven’t gone soft, it’s just I’ve realised that when the weather gets bad and local trails get messy it’s a bad use of time when I spend nearly as long cleaning the bike and kit as I have actually riding. I have to admit to actually enjoying riding on the road, but ultimately mountain biking is my thing… you just get a better buzz from it, the places you can get to and the views you get.

I still think that inside every roadie there’s a mountain biker desperate to get out!

Oh, and the replacement cheap waterproof camera is still doing my head it!


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