Snow, boredom and a decision – 15th Jan

"Come to live a legendary race!""The most difficult race of the world !"

“Come to live a legendary race!”
“The most difficult race of the world !”

So the first decent snow fall of 2013 and I’m stuck at work. And by the time I get home it’s turning to slush, it’s +2 deg C and there’s sleet falling…… Damn.

The plan originally was to do a road ride, but the white stuff changed that to a ride on the “Alaskan Snow Bike”, and the slush and sleet changed it to ‘no ride at all’. I sat, bored, and watched TV, and went to bed early in a bit of a strop.

On a positive note, the entry for the Combloux mountain bike race on the first weekend of the Alps trip opened yesterday…. There are five distance options, so I need to decide  what I’m going to enter. The 70, 100 and 140km would be tough anyway, but factor in the amount of climbing involved and they would kill me. I’m torn between the timed 50km distance or the untimed 20km distance. Even the 50 is tough, as climbing 2500m in that distance would be hard (8200+ft in 31 miles), and with time cut off points to hit or be eliminated there will be no chance of taking it easy. The 20km is a relative pussy cat with only 550m (1800ft)

Normally I’d not hesitate, and enter the 50, or possibly the 70 (if I’d had a few). But I don’t want to totally knacker myself up as I’m on a biking holiday and want to maximise the riding, not spend a couple of days recovering.

Decisions, Decisions…..


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