Nightmare Ride, But Who Cares The White Stuff Is Here – 21th January

Snow + Fat Bike =

Snow + Fat Bike =

After my strop about not getting out on Monday I was determined to ride Tuesday, and had organised doing the usual thing of riding out to Rob’s doing a loop from there and then riding home. It was very cold, so we decided to stay as ‘urban’ as possible and head out from Bulkington to Nuneaton and then onto Hinckley. Hopefully staying on gritted roads.

I left my house and within a mile I could hear a rattling sound from my rear wheel… turned out a spoke had broken. I taped it to the one next to it and carried on. I got to Robs and checked the spoke was secure and he made a comment about not having had many broken spokes. As we went to leave he noticed he’d got a flat rear tyre, then as he took the wheel out noticed it’d been caused by a broken spoke!

Once the spoke was removed and a new tube fitted we headed off. Less than 1/2 a mile later there was a ‘ping’ from the rear of my bike… another spoke had broken. This was twisted around the one next to it and we carried on. Soon we were out of Nuneaton and heading off the A5 into Hinckley, then ‘bang’, I’d hit a big pothole, within seconds the front tyre was flat, I’d pinch flatted the tube. Bike upside down wheel out, new tube in and off we went.

A exploratory loop around Hinckley with one wrong turn and we were heading back through Nuneaton and into Bulkington. Then I had the feeling that the back end of the bike was loose…. a slowly deflating tyre! One of the broken spokes had fretted through the rim tape and was wearing the tube. Fortunately I managed to limp the bike back to Robs and fit a new tube there. I was pretty pleased I managed to do so, as on Alfine hub geared bikes, removing the rear wheel is quite an involved process, and by this point it was about 9:30pm and the temperature must have been well below freezing!

So the ride ended up, 39miles, in just over 4 hours, with 3 punctures and 3 broken spokes… oh and towards the end the cable to the rear hub started to freeze up so gear changing was ‘limited’….. it was a good night though 🙂

I’d planned to go out again on the road bike on Thursday evening, but settling snow put me off that idea…. and anyway, real snow was forecast for Friday…..


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