Peaks and Scarborough – 12th February

I did a Peak District “L adybower Loop” with Nathan and Lump at the start of the month. A great day’s riding, even though the weather tried it’s best to ruin it! Wet and windy is an understatement, the wind was coming straight down Edale, so the climb up Hope Brink was ‘character building’ to say the least!

Climbing up Hope Brink

Climbing up Hope Brink

It was Lump’s first trip to the Peaks, but the weather didn’t put him off. I took the Salsa Mukluk up there and the good old Fat Bike handled the terrain brilliantly.

Dropping down towards Upper Derwent Reservoir

Dropping down towards Upper Derwent Reservoir

When got to Upper Derwent, instead of turning right and heading straight down the valley, we turned right and did a full lap of Upper Derwent, and Howden reservoirs. The scenery was fantastic, and a section of flat(ish) tarmac was a welcome break for our legs. I’d definately do that again, especially going to the foot of the Upper Derwent Dam.


The run down to the Ladybower Inn from Whinstone Lee Tor was comedy mountain biking at it’s best. The wet peat like ground was so slippery most of the time the bikes were going where they wanted to, and all you could do was try and stay on.

Lump takes a tumble coming down from the Tor (or has he dropped his Jelly Babies?)

Lump takes a tumble coming down from the Tor (or has he dropped his Jelly Babies?)

Regardless of the weather we had a great day out, and I’m sure Lump will make many more trips up there now he knows how good the riding is.

On the weekend of 8/9/10th me and Sara decided to get away from the gloom and greyness. The plan was to wait till the last minute, look at the weather forecast, find the nicest weather and head there…

That’s how we ended up in Scarborough… I thought it only fair not to take a bike…..

North Beach

North Beach

The weather was stunning, the tide was out during the day, and the beaches were fantastic! Oh how I wished I’d taken the fat bike! If only for a 1/2 hour blast on the sand!

South Beach

South Beach

And so onto next weekend, Saturday at Antur Stiniog a new mountain biking centre in Blaenau Ffestiniog. An ‘Uplift day’ where you ride down, they load the bikes onto a trailer on the back of a minibus and take you back up the hill…. Nice! Then the evening in Machynlleth at the usual bunkhouse, and a Sunday ride at Nant-Y-Arian trail centre East of Aberystwyth. Has the making of another great weekend!


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