The rest of the Weekend! – 1st April

Due to poor mobile signal in the bunkhouse I couldn’t update the blog every day….

Anyway, rather than bore you with a load of waffle, here’s some photos. These ones are from Saturday when we tried to ride from Machynlleth over the Plynlimon mountains to Nant-Yr-Arian. We ended having to abandon the idea as the snowdrifts made riding conditions almost impossible.

















The next two are from Sunday, Rob took his dog to Coed-Y-Brenin, while me and Steve did a 36 mile road “Tour of Tarrenhendre”




At just before 8pm on Sunday we headed out to the Dyfi Forest to ride some of the trails at night….. cold but fun!


This shot was taken lower down, but high up on Moel Heulen the snow was quite deep and frozen so it’d turned to ice crystals… all very scenic. But if you think I was going to mess about with a camera when there was an icy blast coming from the East you’re very much mistaken! Everything was freezing up anyway, I had only 3 gears as my rear deraillieur was frozen, Robs front deraillieur had too, and Steve’s SPD pedals wouldn’t let him clip in. Steve was very lucky, as when we got to the bunkhouse there was a huge slice in his tyre with a bubble of innertube poking out!

We woke on Monday morning, we were all shattered, the sky was grey, it was cold and the East wind was making it feel even colder! So rather than ride in the morning, we packed up and headed home.


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