A Victory and a Request – 14th April

I had this drop through my letterbox yesterday….


They’ve finally decided to drop the parking fine I got while riding Harlech beach….

I love the bit about it being the drivers responsibility to ensure the ticket is displayed in a prominent position… I was tempted to write back and suggest that they get their Parking Gestapo some new glasses and train them to take their ‘evidence’ photo showing the drivers side of the car not just the passenger side!

So there you have it, my victory….. now for the  Request….

As you may or may not know I’ve entered the Wiggle Dragon Ride, and not believing in doing things by halves I’ve entered the “Gran Fondo”…. the big route.

That’s 206km (128 miles) with 3350m (10990ft) of climbing… So putting that into some kind of context, that’s Coventry to York, and going up and down Mt. Snowdon three times along the way!

So click on the Wiggle Dragon logo below to take you to my JustGiving web page and donate some money, alternatively let me know and I’ll do a training ride round to your house and pick up some good old fashioned cash!



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