Happy St. George’s day – 23rd April


With only 47 days till the Dragon Ride today was supposed to be a big ‘out and back’ ride, heading West into the wind.

I did one last Friday, managed 58 miles, and got to just past Lichfield. It was hard work, heading out into a headwind really does slow you down. I rode for two hours out, then turned round and retraced my tracks back to Coventry. One hour, thirty six minutes to get back. It just shows what difference the wind makes! Mind you, for the last 15 miles I really was struggling.

So the plan was to head out towards Droitwich on the back lanes and do another “two hours out” ride…. but a sore throat and snotty nose before I went to bed were a sign of things to come.

Sure enough I woke up feeling like my batteries were only half charged, and the centre of my face had become a snot pump… Oh well, bin the “big ride” and have a leisurely one… it’d be rude not to, as the sun was out and this was probably the first real day of “spring” where I could get out on the bike.

I still managed a repectable 26 miles…. but that unfortunately is part of the problem, I always manage between 25 and 35 miles…. and rarely get above that. The Lichfield ride proved that, I was great till about 40 miles…. then my legs went to bits….. On the Dragon that would leave me 88 miles short!


I must ride further, I must ride further, I must ride further……


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