Road, Night, Peaks – 2nd May

A weekend  in my riding diary…….

A  road ride with Rob dodging heavy showers on Saturday. We just about managed it, 62 miles around Warwickshire and Leicstershire, and we just caught the edge of about 2. I was chased back into Coventry by a huge black cloud, and had just got into the house when it threw it down!

Saturday evening I was at a loose end so thought I’d head out to Church Wood on the Meriden to Tamworth road. It was a sunny evening and I thought I’d maybe get some nice sunset photos through the trees…. but no, just as I got there a cloud blocked out the sunset and that was that. It was good fun being back in those woods though, the trails are great fun to ride, and the ground was dry, but showers during day meant it wasn’t totally dry so there was a nice amount of grip to be had.

Sunday was a Dark Peak trip, 3 of us headed up there in the Astra. the forecast was a bit iffy, but the weather was kind and we had broken sunshine most of the day. It eventually clouded over, but only started to spit with rain as we loaded the bikes back onto the car! 



Oh, and I broke my bike…. Peak District Rock 1, Sram X7 rear deraillieur 0….. As you can see from the photo below, the rear deraillieur ended up in a very strange mangled mess! Oh well, it was towards the end of the ride and about a 100 yards from the road that runs from Edale back into Hope village, not exactly the end of the ride I was expecting, but easy to limp the bike back to Hope and the car.


And this week…. I don’t often bother with the Club’s Wednesday night ride, but a combination of decent weather and the ride being Nuneaton based made me dust off the Mukluk and make the effort to go.


There was quite a decent turnout for the usual enjoyable blast round the woods and bridleways of North Warwickshire.


The Trek is now repaired ready for the Dyfi Enduro this coming weekend (Sunday 5th May)…. for some reason I really can’t get motivated, but I’m sure once I’m there I’ll be fine…


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