Yes I’m a slacker…. – 29th May

Sorry, no posts for a while….

Not much to say really. Have been trying to get some big road rides in to prepare me for the Wiggle Dragon and almost every time Ive been twarted by the weather.

Went to the Peak District on Bank Holiday Monday…. that was nice.



Great riding, big views and sunshine….. what all Bank Holidays should consist of!

And so on Friday it’s Spain, Cambrils again…. We liked it that much we decided to go back for a week! So you may see some more ‘two up in Tarragona’ type posts if me and Sara decide to hire ‘our’ tandem again.

As a birthday treat I’ve organised hiring a road bike for two days, so I’ll probably do a couple of small local rides on the Sunday to get used to the bike (and riding on the wrong side of the road). Monday will be a big adventure, riding up into the Serra de Llaberia mountains…..

Wooo Hooooo!!! One work day at work till holiday time!


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