Spanish and Welsh Epics – 10th June

I’ve had enough of typing loads of stuff into this blog, I’m going to just post pictures and a bit of text for a while.

3rd June – Cambrils, Spain – La Vuelta de Serra Llaberia (72 miles, 9200ft of climbing)










Would I do it again? Oh, yes!

9th June – Margam Park, Wales – Wiggle Dragon Ride (132 miles, 11,000ft of climbing)



Would I do it again? Ask me in about a month….

The weather was great for both. I did enjoy the Dragon, but the extra 50 miles really does take it’s toll, as does the rough Welsh road surfaces. Add to that the fact that two of the biggest mountain climbs come at the very end of the Dragon ride, just when your legs are shot to bits. Rhigos climbs to it’s summit at 1630 ft, from Hirwaun up and over to Treherbert, Just a few miles later you turn right in Treorchy and there in front of you is Bwlych, another 1600+ ft summit that drops you into the Afan Valley. If you thought your legs hurt climbing Rhigos, just wait till you’re 3/4 of the way up this beastie.

I’m not selling the Dragon Ride very well am I?

I don’t feel like riding a bike again for a while, but I need to keep my legs spinning as I’ve got the 100k (62 mile) Peaks Epic coming up in less than two weeks!


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