The Steeds

  • 1989 GT Tequesta (aka the Shopping Trolly)

The GT, never happier than when cosying up to some old trolly on a disused railway line

Owned since about 1991, only the frame, rear U-brake and lever remain from the original bike. Has somehow evolved into a 69er singlespeed.

Rarely gets ridden these days, but as it’s ‘the original bike’ it just hangs around in the garage.

  • 2010 Gary Fisher Paragon (29er)

Reincarnation #3 – Now a 2012 Trek Superfly Al Elite

Owned since new, was a birthday present from ‘The wife”. Of the original bike only the front mech, and rear brake adaptor still exist, even the wife has been ditched. The bike was originally a 2009 X-caliber, but a frame failure meant I got a 2010 Paragon as a frame replacement (The last year of the “Gary Fisher” brand) and another broken frame meant it the morphed into a 2012 Trek Superfly Al Elite…..

Gets ridden regularly…..

In it’s second reincarnation – was it a ’10 Paragon or ’09 X-Cal 



The original bike…… 2009 Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29er

  • 2012 Salsa Mukluk 3

The new “New kid on the block”

Yes, I know, it’s a fat bike…. originally designed to be ridden on snow and sand…. and living in the Midlands we don’t see much of either. But what the hell, have you ever ridden one? If you have you’ll know what a riot they are, if not try one! OK they’re compromised by the big wheels, on the road a road bike will leave you for dead, off road a mountain bike will do something similar, but that’s not the point. Neither a road bike or mountain bike will leave you with a stupid grin after you’ve ridden them!

  • 2013 Ribble R872
The R872 looks fast even when it's stationary

The R872 looks fast even when it’s stationary

Yep, it’s a road bike, yep, it’s carbon fibre, and yep….. it’s bloody superb.

I hate to say it, but I really, really do enjoy riding this bike (and I really should ride it more)…. it’s so damn fast!

I do insist on wearing a MTB helmet and baggy shorts while riding it though 🙂

  • There are now a few more bikes in the garage, I’ll get round to doing a description and photo at some point in the future


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